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Covering Illinois for More Than 15 Years

If you need to replace your roof yet again, why not try something new? Metal roofing is quickly becoming popular among Roscoe and Rockford, IL, business and homeowners, for good reason.

There are numerous advantages to metal roofing, and the experts at Custom Construction Systems have the experience to install or repair your covering with ease.

For more than 15 years, Custom Construction Systems has been the go-to expert in Roscoe and Rockford, IL, for residential and commercial roofing needs.

We Are The Commercial Steel Roofing Experts

Although the initial costs of a metal roof are higher than traditional shingles, metal roofing can last a lifetime and requires little maintenance. A traditional roof should be replaced every 10 to 20 years, while a metal roof can last more than 50 years. Metal roofs also improve the safety and resale value of your Roscoe or Rockford, IL, home.

When the wind is blowing shingles off your Roscoe or Rockford, IL, roof, or you want a quality material that is noncombustible, steel roofing is your safest bet.

Metal roofing can either be sheets or tiles, and is typically made from aluminum or steel, although titanium, copper and zinc are used. Metal roofing can even be made to look like common roofing materials such as wood shake or clay.

If you’ve decided metal roofing is a business improvement you want to invest in, call our experts. Metal roofing is a project you shouldn’t attempt without the licensed professionals at Custom Construction Systems. Not only can we install your commercial metal roof, we can also repair any issues that could arise. Call the commercial roofing experts serving Rockford, IL and surrounding areas.

Your Northern Illinois Duro-Last Dealer

We are proudly certified to install the world’s best roof—Duro-Last. Durable and easily installed, Duro-Last is watertight, reflective, noncombustible and almost entirely maintenance free. Founded in 1978, Duro-Last is the largest manufacturer of prefabricated residential and commercial roofing systems in the world.

Skip the ongoing maintenance that goes along with a traditional roof and call Custom Construction Systems today. Enjoy the benefits of steel roofing for years.